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How to choose electric toothbrush

Author:广东三笑实业有限公司 Click: Time:2020-04-18 10:08:14

For a long time, there are many kinds of electric toothbrush, such as acoustic wave, rotation, various brands, dazzled, which one is more cost-effective?

Choose the electric toothbrush, it is necessary to start from the working principle of the electric toothbrush! After understanding the same product, the problem will be solved.

At present, there are two main types of electric toothbrush.

The first one is the acoustic wave type, which is named for its moving frequency (more than 260 times per second) within the audible range of the human ear.

Advantages: remove part of the tartar and bacterial colonies between the teeth and gums by ultra-high frequency vibration.

Disadvantages: the first use may feel itchy and intolerable. Generally, it can be used for one week.

The second is rotary type, named after the high-speed clockwise and counter clockwise rotation of the brush head.

Advantages: through the high-speed rotation of the brush head to clean all corners of the mouth, the physical function is clean.

Disadvantages: the damage to teeth is slightly larger than that of sonic toothbrush, so you should choose the one with alarm, which will remind you when you use excessive force.

Second, it depends on the bristles.

Rough nylon wool pass falls off.

Sanxiao nurse brush hair, soft and delicate, arc cutting is very fit to teeth.

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